Due to our commitment and our competitive edge through our unique  team and our ethical standards in business we are always keen to satisfy our customers so, we became a major supplier to many government agencies and private sector and we have implemented a wide range of contracts including the installation of networks, supply and maintenance, etc., and the following are examples of our clients:

Estishari For Computer Services

Text Box: Designed by Ahmed Helmy 
Text Box: General Company for Wire & Wireless communication
Text Box: Libya Telecom & Technology 
Text Box: Libyana for Mobile Services
Text Box: Al Jomhoreya Bank
Text Box: Wintershall Company
Text Box: Stock Market
Text Box: Arab Company for geophysical services 
Text Box: New Generation Company
Text Box: Central Body for research, Manufacturing & Projects
Text Box: Golden Sharara Company
Text Box: National Commercial Bank
Text Box: Halliburton 
Text Box: Al Waha Bank
Text Box: General Authority for Social Security Fund - Benghazi 
Text Box: Great River Administration Body
Text Box: Great River Investment Body
Text Box: Great River Investment Body -  Alwosta
Text Box: Commerce and Development Bank
Text Box: Al Wahda Bank
Text Box: Alejma’a Alarabi Bank
Text Box: Dawoo Company for Engineering and Construction 
Text Box: Brown & Root North Africa
Text Box: Islamic Call Society - Benghazi 
Text Box: Office of Architecture Engineering Consultants 
Text Box: National Company for Roads and airstrips 
Text Box: Auzo Hotel
Text Box: Resort  family  village 
Text Box: General Company for pipes 
Text Box: General Company for Wires 
Text Box: Pitch Plant - Benghazi 
Text Box: National Bureau Advisory 
Text Box: Organization of Development & Administration
Text Box: Special Forces
Text Box: USA Embassy
Text Box: United Kingdome Embassy
Text Box: Kuwait Embassy
Text Box: Brazil Embassy
Text Box: Russia  Embassy
Text Box: Italian Co operation Office
Text Box: Arab Gulf Oil Company
Text Box: Libyan Company for technical Consultancy
Text Box: World Food Program
Text Box: United Insurance Company 
Text Box: Al Sahari Bank
Text Box: Planning Ministry
Text Box: Justice Ministry
Text Box: General Security
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