Text Box: Accurate checking the devices to determine faults using the programs and modern high efficiency equipments .
Repair Hardware and Software problems.
Replace damaged parts with new high efficiency parts.
Repair all models of Motherboards for computers and laptops.
Cleaning and maintenance of printers and repair all problems.
 Partition the hard drive effectively.
Download and install antivirus software.
Download all Windows and other programs required.
Test devices after maintenance prior to delivery to the customer to ensure the quality of service and make sure that the failures will never happen again.
Annual maintenance contracts with companies to carry out periodic maintenance and avoid breakdowns. 
Text Box: Design and installation of the infrastructure of all types of simple and complex networks.
Design of wired and wireless networks putting the future needs into account in the design.
The specialized engineers doing field visit to work sites and identify all the requirements for the installation of high efficiency network, We supply and install all the cables, The Switches, The Routers, the patch Panels, the Access Points, the Outlets .......... .
Test the network after installation and make sure they function properly.
Design and configure Domain Controllers, User Accounts and Permissions.
Annual operation and maintenance contracts through periodic visits every week or as agreed.
Provide and install all types of cable: Twisted Pair Cables, Fiber Optics, Coaxial Cables.
Link the main offices and all the branches.
Network and data security.
Backup solutions and disaster recovery planning.
Install and configure network printers and scanners.
We have a high efficiency in providing the best networking solutions within the budget allocated by the clients and help them to get the best possible results.
Modify the design of existing networks and fix their problems and develop them to suit the business needs.
Advise the clients on the best networking solutions that fit his work and contribute to increased productivity and development of services quickly and effectively through the latest technological methods and specialized expertise.

Estishari For Computer Services

Text Box: Designed by Ahmed Helmy 
Text Box: As we are one of the biggest agents of Libya Telecom & Technology we provide the following services:  
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Text Box: We have an excellent team with the utmost efficiency doing the maintenance of all computers, laptops and printers according to their excellent experience of doing  all kinds of maintenance Such as:
Text Box: Maintenance of different kinds of computers, laptops & printers.
Text Box: Design and installation of networks for companies and government agencies
Text Box: We have an excellent team of network engineers certified from Cisco & Microsoft as well as they have outstanding experience in networking :

الياف للبيت

واي ماكس

دي اس ال

عبر الهاتف


Fiber Optic

40 LYD/Month


40 LYD/Month


40 LYD/Month

Dial Up

400 Dirham/ hour


8 Mb /Second

2 Mb /Second

512 Kb/Second

56 Kb/Second


10 GB / Month

15 GB / Month

7 GB / Month


Monthly Quota

Fiber Optics


Land Line

Land Line


FTTH Modem


DSL Modem

Dial Up Modem





As per request


200 LYD

120 LYD for USB

220 For the CBE

120 LYD