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Text Box: In light of the rapid development of global economy, the ability to change and innovation of the constants are the factors essential to the continuation of any company, so we put the future in mind and work to anticipate the needs and requirements of the market so that we can push the company forward towards the success. 
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Text Box: The company was established in 1997 under the name of Estishari company for Information Technology, and then in 2006 became a joint stock company as Estishari company for the import of computers, and has a main office and showrooms in both Tripoli and Benghazi.

management philosophy of Estishari company to import computers comes from the principle of responsibility and a spirit of mutual respect, as they work in an environment with a distinct and coherent structure to foster greater productivity and emphasizes the principle of respect for customers and employees.
Text Box: Import of computers and components and accessories, all kinds of printers, copiers, computer parts, laptop computers from brands, inks, all the requirements of the installation of networks.
Supply of computers and accessories to government agencies and private companies.
Maintenance of different kinds of computers, laptops, printers.
Authorized agent for the company Libya Telecom and Technology.
Design and installation of networks for companies and government agencies.
Provide networking solutions and outstanding technical support services.

Text Box: The main activities of the company:
Text Box: Our vision:
Text Box: To be one of the largest computer companies and leading network in Libya, which provide services with high quality and great support at the lowest cost to meet the expectations of the market and customers.
Text Box: Our values:
Text Box: We believe that the values ​​of high-level (integration of performance, commitment with clients, teamwork, innovation, outstanding, professional excellence) is the main factor for a successful business and healthy and that the rules of conduct rigorous and these core values ​​are the basis for all decisions taken .
Text Box: Our team:
Text Box: We have an efficient and distinct team from different nationalities and harness all our efforts to provide quality services level, through our team that is keen every care to meet the expectations of its clients, and work in accordance with the ethical standards that are the basis on which we base it in our work, with us this ethical standards for the establishment of concepts justice and respect for all parties concerned and to ensure full transparency in everything we do.
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